First attempt at generative art

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Experimenting, creating, coding, and developing technologies is what I like to do. So why not give ‘Generative Art’ a try? It might form an opportunity to learn about Rstats, mathematical and biological models, and coding in a playful way.

The first google-action resulted in adapting a code introduced by Vít Gabrhel:

Then, I found a nice R-package aRtsy. At some point I might be able to use this to generate abstract images using my own functions or datapoints I gather from actual cell-biological experiments. For now, creating a flow of blues:

And finally, I found bio-inspired code based on the Physarum model adapted from fronkenstin. Below I’m having fun with the settings of the model combined with a nice green-blue color palet:

Jessie van Buggenum
Jessie van Buggenum
Scientist | Photographer | Bikepacker

Developing single-cell multi-omics tools to quantify dynamics of cellular response.